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Sell or trade-in your Android phone

Sell your used android phone for the most cash on mibmob.com. With our marketplace and trade-in sale options, you choose how you want to sell your phone. If you want a quick sale, you can trade-in your android phone and turn it into cash on the same day. With the marketplace sale option, you can set your own price and sell to buyers on the MibMob marketplace and we’ll guarantee the minimum sale price and take care of sending the device to the buyer and collecting proceeds.

First, select the brand of your android device from the options above and then select the model of the phone you are selling. Then tell us about the network, capacity and colour of your phone so we can calculate the market value of your device. The final step is to specify the condition of your phone and select your method of sale.

Once you have selected your sale option and registered your sale, we’ll send you a pre-paid shipping kit to send in your phone for free. Now you can sit back and relax whilst we handle your sale and get you paid.