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Sell my iPhone

Here at MibMob, we make selling your iPhone incredibly simple. But that does not mean you have to take a hit on the price of your iPhone in exchange for this ease. We’re not like mobile recyclers, that want to buy your iPhone at the cheapest possible price. As a marketplace, we connect you with thousands of people, local business and professional buyers that directly buy the phone from you. We’ll also take care of all the logistics once we have received your phone.

To sell your phone on MibMob, simply enter the phone model you are selling and answer a few simple questions to see the minimum price that is guaranteed for your phone. Next, use the slider to set the price that you want for your phone. We provide a clear breakdown of how much your phone will be listed for and exactly how much you will get net of any commission as the “in your wallet” price. If you’re after a quick same day sale, simply chose the Speedy Sale service and we’ll transfer the money into your account on the same day.

After registering your sale, you will receive a free returns label through the post within 2 days to send us your phone for free. You can also print of a free tracked returns label from the Royal mail website. As soon as your phone arrives, our technicians will test it to make sure it is in a saleable condition and list it for sale on the same day. You can track the status of your sale at each step through your MibMob account and you’ll also receive an automated email to let you know that your phone has been sold. Once your phone is sold, we will deliver it to the buyer and pay you the proceeds within 72 hours.

We’re different – Price Guaranteed

We’re also not like eBay or Amazon. We understand that customers want good value for their phone, want a quick transaction and with no hassle. That’s why we guarantee your sale at the minimum price offered by the leading mobile recycling companies and network carriers. Once we have received your phone, the minimum sale price of your phone is locked in and you can cash out at any time. So if there’s a period of slow sales in the market, you don’t have to wait around. Simply select the Speedy Sale price offered from your MibMob account and get paid on the same day. You can learn more about selling your phone on the How it Works sections of the site.