Our Belief

At the heart of it, we believe that buying and selling used items should be easier and safer. A seller should always get the best value for their product with less hassle, and a buyer should have easy access to the best deals available in the market.

What is MibMob

At MibMob, we understand that there is a lot that can go wrong in buying or selling a used phone. That explains why there are over 100 million used phones in the UK tucked away in drawers, that can be put to good use. We want to change this, and MibMob is our solution that makes it incredibly easy and safe to buy and sell used phones.

The MibMob marketplace connects buyers and sellers of used mobile phones in a new way to make the process of buying and selling easy, safe but also rewarding.

And to achieve this, we have to do things a bit differently. At the core of our model, is the MibMob fulfillment service that checks, grades and delivers each phone sold through the marketplace. In other words, we provide the comfort of selling via a mobile recycler and do all the hard work to realise the prices acheivable on a peer-to-peer marketplace. It's a win-win whether you're buying or selling!

Always buy at the LOWEST price

We know that buying a used mobile phone can be a daunting process. That's why our marketplace features fully checked quality used mobile phones, and at a fraction of their retail price. Our system cuts out the middleman and guarantees that you are only shown the lowest available price for the phone you want to buy, at all times.

Selling has never been EASIER

Have you have ever wished selling your old phone would be less time consuming, without having to take a hit on the price? This is the magical moment MibMob has set out to make happen. Let us handle your next sale, whilst you sit back and relax.